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Movie Schedule for Friday, August 12th – Thursday, August 18th:

Screen 1: Top Gun Maverick (PG-13) & Bullet Train (PG-13)
Top Gun: Maverick (2022) - IMDb0B344D42-10BF-4B93-BBD2-1586AFF8CB31
 28E38F82-948D-4F5D-88B7-A62AEF3B1157      28E38F82-948D-4F5D-88B7-A62AEF3B1157
Screen 2: Dc League of Super Pets (PG) & Thor Love and Thunder (PG-13)
A327D174-3BA1-43D2-9F4C-7DC83A2DD1EF Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) - IMDb
28E38F82-948D-4F5D-88B7-A62AEF3B1157              28E38F82-948D-4F5D-88B7-A62AEF3B1157
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