The Port Hope Drive In is Closed

It is with a tinge of nostalgia that we bid farewell to the iconic Port Hope Drive-In, a cherished cinematic landmark that has been a source of joy for generations. With its timeless charm and communal atmosphere, the Port Hope Drive-In held a special place in the hearts of moviegoers. Unfortunately, the screens have dimmed, and the gates have closed, marking the end of an era. While the Port Hope Drive-In has taken its final bow, cinephiles need not despair, as the Lindsay Drive In has stepped into the spotlight, offering a vibrant alternative for those seeking the magic of outdoor movie nights! Nestled amidst the scenic landscape, the Lindsay Drive-In continues to illuminate the silver screen, providing a haven for film enthusiasts to create new memories under the starry night sky!



The Port Hope Drive InThe Lindsay Drive In

      The Port Hope Drive In                               The Lindsay Drive In