Movie Schedule for Friday, October 22nd – Sunday, October 24th:

Friday show begins at 7:15pm
Saturday & Sunday show begins at 6:45pm
Screen 1: Halloween Kills (18A) & Venom Let There Be Carnage (TBR)

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Screen 2: Addam’s Family 2 (PG) & 007: No Time To Die (PG)
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*No vaccine passports required since we are an outdoor event and takout food.
*We are open FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS until October 31st!
Tickets purchased at the box office on arrival. Box office opens at 6pm.
For ticket pricing click HERE
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Welcome to The Lindsay Drive-In Theatre

Built in the mid 1950s during the growth of drive-ins throughout North America which peaked in the sixties, The Lindsay Drive In is celebrating 85 years hosting box office movies on its  2 oversized  screens.

It is one of the few Drive-Ins in North America that survived and remained in business over the decades. Now, in more recent years with the advent of technology coupled with the change in times recently due to COVID, drive ins have seen a resurgence in popularity.

The Lindsay Drive-In  boasts digital screen technology coupled with  Dolby Sound System transmission to give the Audience an unparalleled experience of high end movie watching within the comfort and safety of your vehicle.

Come experience the relic of movie watching under a dark natural country setting in the comfort and safety of your own vehicle with clean fresh air and the smell of freshly popped kernels.

We are excited this season to Offer the latest new releases at the drivein. Please check in weekly on our website for the latest box office releases.

Box Office Entrance 0pens at 6pm. The show begins at dusk and to ensure entrance, please come early as lineups do get quite lengthy. Also, be mindful of the line and have payment ready (cash preferred) to expedite the line.

The Concession building is now Open serving hot and cold takeout food from Prime Rib Burgers, Jumbo All Beef Hotdogs, Supersized Fries,  Onion rings, Deep fried pickles, Nachos and cheese, Popcorn, and an assortment of candy and chocolate bars. Water, Soft drinks and Slushie are always available. Concession will remain open till after the Second Movie starts.

We would like all our Guests and Patrons to be mindful  of some Entrance Rules and Protocols.

1. Upon entering, please drive slowly upto the box office gate with windows down and payment ready to expedite the entrance flow.

2. Please follow Covid Protocols and practice social distancing while inside the property.

3. Face masks must be worn inside Concession and washroom areas.

4. Ensure headlights are turned off during the show.

5. Please note: absolutely No Outside Food or Alcohol is allowed. Random staff monitoring will be conducted during the show. Anyone with outside food will be asked to leave.

6.  No littering. Please ensure any garbage is disposed into one of the many trash bins located throughout the property for your convenience.

7. Please be courteous in maintaining washrooms by disposing toilet tissue in trash and not in toilets.

So come on over and join us for a funfilled night of entertainment. Bring the kids, family or friends and enjoy a relaxing night out under the stars and the big screen.

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